GSDC of East Tennessee
April 29, 2017
Alcoa, Tennessee

Sam Israel - AM Specialty
AmBred Dog
Novice Dog
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6-9 Month Bitch
A.M. Show
12-18 Month Dog
Open Dog
Winners Dog  (also see Best of Breed)
Reserve Winners Dog
All images are shown at reduced resolution - finished images are much higher image quality.
12-18 Month Bitch
Novice Bitch
AmBred Bitch
Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best Opposite Sex
Reserve Winners Bitch / Best Puppy
Select Dog
Best of Breed
As the day started out, photos were taken after each class.  After judging of Winners Dog (a.m. show),
this was changed to wait until the conclusion of judging.  Candid photos are contained in class photo
galleries along with the photo of the class winner (if available).  Please note that candids for those
dogs going beyond a class win are also included (duplicated) in the gallery for any higher placements
BredBy Dog