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Midwest Triangle Specialties - Feb. 18, 19, 20, 2011 - Melrose Park IL
Shoreline GSDC - Judge:  Doug Crane
Illini GSDC - Judge:  Ken Tank
Shoreline GSDC - Judge: Peggy Kurz  (Updated with Best Puppy)
Illini GSDC - Ringside
Shoreline GSDC - Ringside
Shoreline GSDC - Ringside
German Shepherd Dog Club of Minneapolis & St. Paul Specialties - Farmington MN
Judge:  Mary Ann Imhoff/Conformation, Junior Showmanship
Judges:  K. Delaney/Obedience; C. Boutwell/Sweepstakes;
K.. Delaney/Junior Showmanship; B. Taylor/Conformation
Western Irish Setter Club Specialties - March 12 & 13, 2011 - New Lenox IL
Judges:  C. Peters/Obedience; N. Glaser/Sweepstakes;
D. Sturz, Jr./Junior Showmanship & Conformation
GSDC Minneapolis/St. Paul - Conformation - Judge:  Sally Hayden
German Shepherd Dog Club of Central Indiana - April 9 & 10, 2011 - Indianapolis IN
Judge:  Randy Chesnut/Conformation, Junior Showmanship
GSDC Minneapolis/St. Paul -Conformation - Judge:  D. D. Ardoin
GSDCA Midwest Regional Futurity/Maturity - Judge:  R. Kindy
GSDCA Midwest Regional Amateur Fut/Mat - Judge:  K. Cunningham
Ringside & Candid Photos - Western Irish Setter Specialties  (link
will be active when photos are ready, probably 3/15 or 3/16)
GSDC Central Indiana - Ringside/Gaiting Photos
GSDC Central Indiana - Ringside/Gaiting Photos
Western English Setter Club Specialty - New Lenox IL
Judges:  Sweepstakes-P. Richey; Conformation-C. Liepmann
For Class & Winners Photos, contact:  Elizabeth Stiefferman
GSDC Minneapolis/St. Paul - Obedience - Judge:  K. Anderson
GSDC Minneapolis/St. Paul - Requests
GSDC Minneapolis/St. Paul - Ringside
GSDC Minneapolis/St. Paul - Obedience -Judge:  M. Higdem
GSDC Minneapolis/St. Paul - Ringside
German Shepherd Dog Club of  America - Midwest Futurity/Maturity - Minneaplis MN
Wolverine GSDC of West Michigan & GSDC of Flint - Sept. 3, 4, and 5, 2011
GSDC of Wisconsin - Obedience - Judges  C. Pischke, F. Buroff
GSDC of Flint - Judge:  Edie Trocki
Ringside Photos -Dogs (click on paw)
Wolverine GSDC - Judge:  Lee Brown
Ringside Photos
Other Photos (requests, etc.)
GSDC of Wisconsin - Sept. 10 & 11, 2011
Ringside Photos Bitches (click on paw)
Wolverine GSDC - Judge:  Joe LaRosa
GSDC of Wisconsin - Judge C. Walkowicz (Conformation)
GSDC of Wisconsin - Judge D. Jones (Conformation)
Ringside Photos -(click on paw)
Ringside Photos, Sept. 10 & 11 (click on paw)